Ieew: part deux
Wednesday 29 April 2009, 15:34 pm
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Sheila wrote in Ieew.:

I know how Toaster feels, my Indians aren’t doing so hot either.:(

Toaster feels your pain.

It’s early in the season, but it’s never to early to obsess over your team.

Bwana’s Yankees walloped the Tigers 11-0 yesterday, and the Twinkies dug out win in the bottom of the 9th against the Devil Rays. But the Mets made One Big Ickie against the Marlins, losing 7-4 after holding a 3-0 lead after 2 innings. The team often scores early and then decides to go on vacation for the rest of the game.

Toaster’s going to fire off a memo to remind the guys that there are 9 innings in every game and they have to play hard for every single one of them.

Monday 27 April 2009, 11:32 am
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The Mets, Twinkies, and Yankees all lost yesterday.

Toaster thinks it’s going to be a l-o-n-g season.

Breakfast Foods Need to Stick Together
Saturday 25 April 2009, 14:09 pm
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It’s emotionally draining being a Mets fan. And Toaster also cheers for the Yankees because they are Bwana’s team. (And — boy! — what a soap opera they’ve been the past few years!) But it’s important to support all Breakfast Foods so Toaster is going to take on being a fan of the Minnesota Twinkies.

Twinkies are a fine Breakfast Food. Loaded with calories, for sure, but it’s not like you’re going to eat five pounds of them every day.

They are light and sweet and a nice toastie color:


Ahoy, wee Toaster!
Wednesday 22 April 2009, 20:28 pm
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Blue Velvet wrote in Toaster Helper:

Uncle Dan was talking about this today on his show:

Accuweather: Seat Angle Could Be Causing Yanks’ Wind Tunnel

Bwana wrote about it, too: The Home-Run Menace:

There seems to be a jet stream, left to right, at all times.

Toaster really, really wants to go to a Yankee game, but Bwana is afraid that the wind will blow him away, wee small appliance that he is. Toaster enjoys travelling, but Bwana is afraid that Toaster will wind up on the Grand Concourse or maybe even in Yonkers. Toaster promises to not blow away. He’ll even bring his trusty anchor:


rrgirl added:

almost, not quite a shout-out. I thought of Toaster when I read it. Bwana is a wonderful writer, and not a bad photographer.

Bwana’s main job now is The News, but he’ll always be a Baseball Man to us.

Toaster Helper
Tuesday 21 April 2009, 11:57 am
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Blue Velvet wrote in We need a touchdown: Now! Now!!!:

Bwana took a nice picture of the Mr. Met sign:

It’s Quiet. It’s Too Quiet

Boy! Toaster is jealous. Mr. Met has his own office!

Toaster doesn’t have an office.

He does, however, have an assistant.

His name is “Bwana.”

We need a touchdown: Now! Now!!!
Sunday 19 April 2009, 15:44 pm
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Mets trail Brew 2-3 in the 7th!

Sheila wrote yesterday:

The Yankees took a beating today but at least they didn’t have to have Nick Swisher, their Right Fielder, pitch for them again.

Toaster thinks it was awfully nice for the Yankees to let Swisher pitch. Maybe they will let a Certain Small Appliance take the mound someday ….

Wrong Ballgame
Saturday 18 April 2009, 18:46 pm
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Sheila wrote in Opening Day, part deux:

Not a good day for Bwana’s Yankees, My Indians beat them 10 to 2.

It’s the 7th inning in today’s game and the Indians have almost three touchdowns against the Yankees!



They’re not playing football?

Oopsie ….

(The Mets won today. Johan was pitching so we only needed one run. Toaster loves Johan.)

God loves Kitties
Friday 17 April 2009, 21:59 pm
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Blue Velvet wrote in Opening Day, part deux:

If Opening Day at night disturbs the fabric of the Universe, how does one explain the Tigers’ win during their opener on Good Friday?

Toaster thinks it means that God loves the fancy “D” on the Tigers’ uniform:


And it didn’t hurt that the Rangers’ starting pitcher gave up 10 hits and 8 runs in 5 innings.

Toaster loves kitties, too:


Opening Day, part deux
Thursday 16 April 2009, 12:39 pm
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… at the New Yankee Stadium.


Toaster hopes Grammie has a good view of the new park. He wishes she was here to watch the game with him, but he knows she will be watching.

He also hopes that the Yankees can win their Opening Day game. The Mets didn’t do so good on their Opening Day — maybe because they had their Opening Day at night.

Having Opening Day at night disturbs the fabric of the Universe.

Yankee Valhalla
Monday 13 April 2009, 21:20 pm
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Anonymous wrote:

A tape of Bwana saying he and most of the staff at MSNBC are going to Grammie’s memorial today was just broadcast. Ed Schultz is taking Bwana’s place tonite so they can all go. Wow. Bwana must be so touched. I hope it helps a little.

And Blue Velvet added:

Baseball Nerd

Bwana on Mom, baseball, and the new NYC stadiums.

Toaster is very sad that Grammie is not here on earth with us anymore. He wanted very much to share the Mets opening game at Citi Field with her. But he is happie that she was taken to Yankee Valhalla by the Valkyries:

She can watch all the games for free and not have to pay the exorbitant prices at the new Yankee Stadium.

Plus she gets to sit with the Babe and Mick and all the Yankee greats. And she won’t get hit by stray baseballs up there.


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