Oh. My. God.
Thursday 20 July 2006, 13:15 pm
Filed under: Information Technology, Keith Olbermann, The Horizontal Boogie

Whose bright idea was it to organize Keith’s sex life?

Is it possible to “organize” his sex life?

Do worms have shoulders?

I just placed the order for the database server. I hope the Red Hat OS and the ten 73GB hard drives will be enough. If there’s any excess capacity I can organize his baseball card collection.

I’m not sure how to set up the database. I created a draft template and will check with Keith to see if he wants any modifications made to it.

For crying out loud. I’m a mattress, not an IT guy!

I’ll bet O’Reilly’s mattress doesn’t have to go through stuff like this.

Jean is going to be signing up women at Columbus Circle on Saturday. I have no idea why she didn’t just outsource the job to TicketMaster. That way the girls can register online, and we can rake in a few bucks to pay for all the ties, pillowcases, and other KO-memorabilia they walk off with. It’s going to be awfully hectic at 59th and Central Park West on Saturday. I mean, Springsteen sells out the Meadowlands within minutes after his concert tickets hit the market. I envision the Keith Olbermann Sex Partner Solicitation Program reaching that level.

Yet why we’re doing all this now is beyond me. Things are really hopping at Countdown, what with the change in management and the news coming out of the Middle East. Plus being forced by the high-muckety-mucks to cover Brit and K-Fed, Brangelina, TomKat, etc. Plus plus the radio gig with DP. And — the most critical point — we are smack dab in the middle of baseball season! It’s almost like he doesn’t have time for sex right now.

I said “almost.”


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