Day of Blogness, 2006
Thursday 31 August 2006, 22:43 pm
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He Has Better Hair than Bwana


Blue Velvet writes: “This one’s for you, Mattress:”

Could I get a slice of cherry pie to go with that?

Why Bwana Wears Ties

“I’ve found that you don’t need to wear a necktie if you can hit.”

Ted Williams strike zone

Keith Olbermann strike zone

Uh …. Not Cool, Guys

Someone came to this blog today after searching on the terms “keith olbermann parents.” A while back, a search of “keith olbermann’s mother” led someone here.

K.O. Fan or K.O. Hater, it doesn’t matter. Leave the guy’s family out of it. You’re creeping me out, man.

To those coming here after seaching on “keith olbermann los angeles,” “keith olbermann moving to los angeles,” “why is keith olbermann in los angeles,” and variations thereof:

I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.

Toaster and Candelabra’s Most Excellent Adventure
Monday 28 August 2006, 01:02 am
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Candelabra and Toaster are back home safe and sound. Before leaving Beantown Candelabra took Toaster to the famous Souvenir Store on Yawkey Way where they picked up a few things.


I have to admit that Toaster looks mighty cute marching around in his little Boston cap and waving that Sawx pennant, but I’m not sure how Bwana is going to take it.

Being a thoughtful little guy, Toaster also got a Red Sox blanket for me and a Red Sox tie for Bwana. Candelabra warned him that Bwana probably won’t wear the tie, but Toaster insisted.

red-sox-blankie.gif red-sox-tie.gif

“It’s a really nice tie, plus if he wears it then the Evil Dan Patrick will have to stop calling Bwana a ‘Yankee Apologist’.”

Join Me in L.A.
Thursday 24 August 2006, 06:38 am
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Scoop writes: “Well, it was a good guess but it’s looking as if KO never left Los Angeles after all. Which kind of makes you wonder what is the big attraction. I suspect it isn’t a sudden passion for the Dodgers or the Halos.”

Join Me in L.A.

Well, they say this place is evil
That ain’t why I stay
‘Cause I found something
That will never be nothing
And I found it in L. A.

It was midnight in Topanga
I heard the DJ say
There’s a full moon rising*
Join me in L. A.

wake up . . . wake up

I was at the Tropicana
On a dark and sultry day
Had to call someone long distance
I said “Join me in L. A.”
Join me in L. A.


I want to make this particularly clear …

Cristiane writes: “Hey, you can’t let Toaster run wild. Push his buttons and he gets red-hot. Much too fiery a temper. Good thing you found him before he burnt his bridges.”

Gosh. On the contrary, Toaster’s complete lack of a fiery nature has proven to be a bit of a deficit in the functionality department. Many a morning Bwana has had only warmish gluten-free bread for breakfast instead of gluten-free toast because the little guy doesn’t generate enough heat.

But Bwana is very patient with Toaster. I mean, he could easily go out and get a fancy, schmancy new toaster. Heck, for the price of one Alex Gordon cut-out card he could buy a gold-plated toaster. But no. Toaster is the appliance Bwana has and he’s the appliance Bwana wants. He isn’t much, but Bwana has the satisfaction of knowing that every slice of bread that he puts into Toaster is warmed with honest and sincere effort. And I should say this — Toaster doesn’t often make toast the right way. But he is a respectable little toaster. And Bwana always tells him that all the bread he warms comes out just fine. What a guy.