Toaster and Candelabra’s Most Excellent Adventure
Monday 28 August 2006, 01:02 am
Filed under: Boston Red Sox, Dan Patrick, Information Technology, Keith Olbermann, The New Yorker

Candelabra and Toaster are back home safe and sound. Before leaving Beantown Candelabra took Toaster to the famous Souvenir Store on Yawkey Way where they picked up a few things.


I have to admit that Toaster looks mighty cute marching around in his little Boston cap and waving that Sawx pennant, but I’m not sure how Bwana is going to take it.

Being a thoughtful little guy, Toaster also got a Red Sox blanket for me and a Red Sox tie for Bwana. Candelabra warned him that Bwana probably won’t wear the tie, but Toaster insisted.

red-sox-blankie.gif red-sox-tie.gif

“It’s a really nice tie, plus if he wears it then the Evil Dan Patrick will have to stop calling Bwana a ‘Yankee Apologist’.”


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Aw…Toaster looks so cute with his cap and pennant. And I apologize for calling him a hot-head. I didn’t understand the gentle, warm soul that he really is. (I’m not sure Bwana is going to appreciate the tie, though…) Glad he and Candelabra made it home safely.

Comment by Cristiane

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