Saturday 30 September 2006, 17:39 pm
Filed under: Our Happie Home

Blue Velvet writes:

I don’t know where this would fit on the readiness scale:

If this guy had done the commercial, there’d be a Mr. Microphone in every kitchen in America.

For sheer carnage potential, I think we keep Bass-O-Matic at DefCon1. But we will incorporate Mr. Microphone into our Psychological Operations.

Candelabra says the best man to assign to Mr. Microphone duty is this guy:

I hate to admit it, but Candelabra is right. Everytime I hear Lesko on the local ESPN Radio station I want to shoot myself in the head.

But then I remember that I am a mattress and that I don’t have a head.

The Art of War

VI:12. If we do not wish to fight, we can prevent
the enemy from engaging us even though the lines
of our encampment be merely traced out on the ground.
All we need do is to throw something odd and unaccountable in his way.


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