Domo Arigato
Thursday 19 October 2006, 17:11 pm
Filed under: Freakin' Cell Phones, Things That are White

Cristiane gives us some advice on a proper thank you gift:

I actually laughed out loud reading that on the subway this morning. Maybe you can send her the brown-and-purple striped number that just doesn’t go with the new brown tweed jacket?

Toaster thinks we should sign her up for the Tofu of the Month Club from Tofu House:


After all ….

Let’s go Mets!


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the label on the front of my lunch said “vegetarian” manicotti (yummy), but the side panel said “vegan” and I was duped. tofu is all well and good in a stir-fry or soup, but in stuffed pasta…ecch. tofu should not masquerade as cheese. beware imposters in that House of Tofu.

Comment by rrgirl

No joy in Mudville – Mighty Carlos has struck out. Sigh. Please give Toaster a consoling hug for me. At least now I can watch the Series without a care in the world.

Comment by Cristiane

Along with Tofu House:

Comment by Blue Velvet

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