T minus 1: Vote Early and Vote Often
Monday 6 November 2006, 07:14 am
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Thelma writes:

Mattress and toaster…please be extra nice to Bwana…Am concerned for him as he looked tired on TV last night…Hopefully Wednesday, Dan and Dan will let him have some much deserved time off…Gold standard~yes!!!He is my hero…

Thank you for your concern.

The plan is to send him off to the studio tomorrow well-stocked for a busy day and night of work. We haven’t been having much luck with the chocolate baklava recipe that Blue Velvet sent; we’re very enthusiastic in the kitchen but not all that skilled. We might just send Bwana off to work that day with a sack of tofu and maybe we can get Yonah Schimmel to deliver a couple dozen knishes to his office.

Toaster really wants to visit Bwana at the studio on Tuesday; he feels it will be a historic day. Plus he wants to watch Tim Russert work wonders with the dry-wipe board. But I think Bwana will be very busy and won’t have time for visitors, even one of his own kitchen appliances. Toaster will just have to wait until National Take Your Toaster To Work Day to visit Bwana at the office.


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A picture is worth a thousand words:

take your toaster to work day

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