Tesla Toaster
Thursday 16 November 2006, 20:02 pm
Filed under: Things To Do with Your Toaster

Blue Velvet writes:

Given Bwana’s interest in the Science section of the New York Times, here’s another strange offering from the director of “Stranger than Paradise”:

Neat-o! Boy, oh, boy! If we can do a little rewiring on Toaster he might be able to heat up more and make better toast for Bwana.

Not to mention be able to shoot lightning bolts out of his head!

These Tesla coil plans are in French:
They will help Toaster to make French toast.

(We’re not sure where Bwana’s interest in science comes from. He was, after all, the one who didn’t finish freshman chemistry until his senior year at Cornell. Late bloomer, I guess.)


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oooh pretty sketches. grounds, switches, coils, so elegant and transcending language. I love electrical schematics. reminds me of Dad.
damn CADD.

Comment by rrgirl

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