Weird Little Toaster
Monday 27 November 2006, 21:52 pm
Filed under: Things To Do with Your Toaster


We need to see if these nice people will help us make enough toast so that we can do a Script Keith Olbermann.


Just look at all that toast! Maybe we could do Script Keith Theodore Olbermann!

(We could have the toast march around and spell it out on the field at Giants Stadium. The way the Giants and Jets are playing this season, it’s not like they’re going to need the place for the playoffs.)

This project may also yield the additional benefit of finding a special message from God or baby Jesus imprinted on a slice of toast. They didn’t send a message to Ewan, but God and Buddha have both emailed Bwana. So maybe Our Happy Home has an in with major religious figures.


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sometimes you are so articulate and witty, we forget that you also have a full time job other than this blog.
is this toast stunt just a crumby quilt?

Comment by rrgirl

Would Toaster care to comment on the Brit side of his family tree?

Comment by Blue Velvet

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