Toaster Walk with Me
Wednesday 29 November 2006, 18:59 pm
Filed under: Damn Fine Cup of Coffee

Blue Velvet contributes:

Sorry. I KNEW I remembered a toaster in relation to David Lynch:

“He puts a piece of bread into the toaster and pushes the toaster “on.” As the toaster heats up a strange electrical disturbance starts in Ronnie’s chest and soon he is emitting through his mouth a high pitched electrical scream. The toast blows out of the toaster scorched black and burning. Deborah screams. Smoke begins filling the room. Bob and Dan rush Ronnie into the living room. His little eyes are rolled back. Bob and Dan begin looking at various components of the chest-appliances.”

From David Lynch’s screenplay “Ronnie Rocket, or The Absurd Mystery of The Strange Forces of Existence”

Blue, you are a film savant!

But I can’t let Toaster read that screenplay. It would definitely scare him.

Bwana should ask Mr. Lynch to produce and direct “Countdown.” We think that would be great. “Oddball” would get odder. A lot odder.

If Mr. Lynch comes on board then we could get Angelo Badalamenti to write music for “Countdown.” Toaster likes his music. Maybe he’ll write something that Toaster can dance to. Toaster likes dancing.


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Thank you for your kind remarks, Mother of All Appliances.

I’m just trying to imagine Bwana uttering “She’s dead – wrapped in plastic” a la Pete Martell. Or crooning “Pennsylvania 6-5000” with Leland Palmer.

But at least Bwana has the Special Agent Dale Cooper raincoat, which doubles as his Howard Beale rant attire. I’m betting it’s a Burburry.

Comment by Blue Velvet

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