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Thursday 30 November 2006, 00:16 am
Filed under: The Department of Moo

Bwana is still peeved that Derek Jeter wasn’t voted the American League’s Most Valuable Player. So are we.

We think that if Mr. Steinbrenner had sat with a milk cow at Columbus Circle, like Mr. Lynch did in Los Angeles for Laura Dern, it would have garnered Derek some positive vibes and won him the award.

We like the Cow Strategy. We like it a lot. We’re planning to sit with a bunch of cows at 30 Rockefeller Center and help Bwana get a better contract with MSNBC.

shorthorn.jpg  Milking Shorthorn
jersey.jpg  Jersey
holstein.jpg  Holstein
guernsey.jpg  Guernsey
brown-swiss.jpg  Brown Swiss
ayrshire.jpg  Ayrshire
toaster-right.jpg  Toaster

Of course, if another network wants to talk with Bwana they’re going to have to come up with a boatload of simoleons. The Boston Red Sox coughed up $51.1 million just to talk with 松坂 大輔. We think Bwana is worth at least twice that.


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Mattress, you are brilliant. What type of cow is Toaster’s favorite?

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