Commissioner Bwana
Tuesday 12 December 2006, 00:37 am
Filed under: Baseball, Sausage Race, The New York Yankees, Things To Do with Your Toaster

bu-bu on If Nominated He Will Not Run …:

Oh, no! Bwana should not aspire to CoB! That job is a tool of the team owners, not an independent executive looking out for the best interest of the game. He’d never get a good night’s sleep again, nor enjoy a slice of toast.

Better to keep saving democracy.

Nothing against Mr. Selig, but it was a mistake to allow a team owner to become the commissioner. Bwana can restore honor and integrity not only to the commissioner’s office, but also to the game of baseball.

Plus once he’s commissioner he can guarantee good seats for Grammie at every ball park in America.

And Toaster’s jealous of the sausages that get to race at Miller Park in Milwaukee. One of Commissioner Bwana’s first edicts will be to have toast or toaster races, possibly at Yankee Stadium but perhaps at Minute Maid Park in Houston. (Orange juice goes good with toast.)


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Or you can ride the Oktoberfest sausage:

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