Politics as Unusual
Tuesday 12 December 2006, 23:47 pm
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Regarding If Nominated He Will Not Run, If Elected He Will Not Serve:

CP suggests: Chief of Staff? Hell, Mattress for Vice President!

J adds: This blog is hilarious and brilliant. Mattress for President!


I’m flattered.

But I’m not sure the Constitution allows for inanimate objects to serve as president or vice-president.

rc writes: how about v-p dan patrick?

This would never, ever work. He and Bwana would fight too much. Plus Mr. Cheney has set an unusual precedent:

Once Cheney became Vice-President, Addington helped oversee the transition, setting up the most powerful Vice-Presidency in America’s history. Addington’s high-school friend Leonard Napolitano said Addington told him that he and Cheney were merging the Vice-President’s office with the President’s into a single “Executive Office,” instead of having “two different camps.”
    From The Hidden Power

And there is no way Bwana is going to share power with Uncle Dan.


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Scathing. Brilliant.

Comment by Anonymous

Truly. Watch your back, Mister Mattress.

Comment by Michael

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