A DefCon Christmas
Sunday 17 December 2006, 14:22 pm
Filed under: Our Happie Home

rrgirl ponders Not a Creature was Stirring, Not even Toaster …: I’m considering the marshmallow gun for my young co-workers who spend waaaaay too much time flinging rubber bands across the cubefarm. projectiles with snack potential seems like a good thing and no one has ever put an eye out with a marshmallow. maybe with a s’mores maker accessory.

Michael counsels on Politics as Unusual: Truly. Watch your back, Mister Mattress.

Well, we’re hoping that the marshmallow gun will provide a layer of additional homeland security for us. Toaster has a potato gun, but he loaded it up with Tater Tots(tm) (he was trying to use it as a shotgun) and it hasn’t worked right since.


He wants to build a replacement gun, but Bwana won’t let him.

Bwana says “You’ll shoot your eye out.”

(We like the idea of the S’mores accessory.)


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stewie could use one of those spudguns. more like a cannon.

Comment by rc

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