A Gustatory Christmas

Blue Velvet asks: Toaster, how about this?
Pop Art™ 2-Slice Toaster with Markers and Coloring Book

Wow! Spiffy diffy!

Grammie doesn’t like it when we play with Bwana’s food, but this is so cute maybe she’ll get one for Toaster.

chocolate-fondue.jpg If we don’t get a thing to make fun toast, then maybe someone will give us a toy that will make a Fountain of Flowing Chocolate Decadence.

This one only holds five pounds of chocolate, though. That’s like a single-serving around here.


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More cows, but I like the whole idea behind this:

And this:

Peace, all.

Comment by Blue Velvet

When appliances give/get appliances for a holiday gift, something’s amiss. That’s like Goofy (a dog) being master to Pluto (a dog).

I suppose I shouldn’t judge. I’m corresponding with bedding.

Comment by bu-bu

you could dip toast into the chocolate fountain

Comment by rc

The Fountain is a neat gift, but the only person left on my gift list is my Niece and she wants a ‘Tickle My Elmo’.

To bad they don’t make a ‘Tickle Me Toaster’.

I love giving gifts that are multitaskers.

Comment by Sheila

Mattress, Candlestick, and Toaster, I’d like to you all for allowing me to indulge my sense of play, whimsy, and fun here. I dedicate this to all of you, and for all who post here:

Comment by Blue Velvet

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