Grazie – Danke – Ευχαριστίες – 谢谢 – Merci – Спасибо – Thanks
Wednesday 20 December 2006, 06:57 am
Filed under: Our Happie Home, The Department of Gratitude

Blue Velvet sends a bouquet:

Mattress, Candlestick, and Toaster, I’d like to you all for allowing me to indulge my sense of play, whimsy, and fun here. I dedicate this to all of you, and for all who post here:

Gosh, oh, golly ….

How perfectly sweet of you!

Such a wonderful video, it made Toaster cry ….

We thank you and all those who stop by to visit. We know you have your choice of blogs, and we are honored and humbled that you choose to read Champ_des_Rêves. You make Our Happie Home all the happier. And a special big wet one (well, I guess that’s a big papery one …) for you who take the time to drop a note.


I wasn’t sure at first if it was a good idea to start this blog, but it seemed to be a good counter to those who would tear Bwana down. I know I disappoint those looking for detailed and personal information about Bwana. Some mattresses are very indiscreet. But for me it is important to be loyal and true.

Thank you for the Willy Wonka video. In return, here is something for you, our Kind & Generous friend:


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Hear! Hear! This blog is original, creative, and more than just a wee bit odd. I look at my own toaster just a little bit differently now.

Comment by CP

truly – mattress blog beats mistress blog any day!

Comment by rc

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