A Very Toaster Christmas
Thursday 21 December 2006, 15:57 pm
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Blue Velvet comments on It Grows on Trees?:

But Toaster can have his own font: Space Toaster

You called me “film savant” once. “TV Geek” is appropriate as well.

Toaster would be great on a tv show (Nickelodeon? The Cartoon Network?) but he doesn’t want to steal any of Bwana’s thunder.

Sheila comments on A Gustatory Christmas:

The Fountain is a neat gift, but the only person left on my gift list is my Niece and she wants a ‘Tickle My Elmo’.

To bad they don’t make a ‘Tickle Me Toaster’.

I love giving gifts that are multitaskers.

“Tickle Me Toaster” would be a fun toy. We’re going to have to get Bwana’s agent to work a deal with Mattel or Gund or Sanrio.


(That’s “Hello Toaster” in Japanese.)

rc suggests:

you could dip toast into the chocolate fountain

If we get a chocolate fountain we are sailing origami boats in it.

If we can fold boats out of phyllo then we can eat them afterwards.


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But Toaster is already involved in televsion:

And in film:

And literature:

Happy Holidays, all!

Comment by Blue Velvet

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