Merry Toastmas
Wednesday 27 December 2006, 13:45 pm
Filed under: The Department of Festivitas

Cristiane writes:

Hope everyone in your happie home is having the best Christmas ever, and that everyone is festooned in Yankee gear, merrily singing songs and carols.

martini.jpgThank you. We had a wonderful Christmas and hope you and your family did, too.

Bwana Claus got us all kinds of nifty stuff. (Toaster thinks the martini he left for Santa did the trick, but of course we know different.)

Teapot got not just Earl Grey tea but Double Bergamot Earl Grey. That’s like Earl Grey on steroids.

Candelabra got a link to a neat-o matchstick game. This means he will be on the computer a lot. Maybe he will want to blog about Bwana, too.

I got a spiffy new set of linens. From Italy:


And Bwana found absolutely the best gift for Toaster: a 5 -pound box of Silly Putty! Toaster has been having a wonderful time bouncing wads of Silly Putty around the house and making prints of his favorite comic strips. At one point he got so excited that he stepped into the blob of putty and got stuck. Trauma and consternation ensued. But Bwana rescued him.

We love Bwana.

After playing with the Silly Putty for almost all Christmas day Toaster then turned his attention to the empty boxes that our gifts came in, plus the used wrapping paper. He played with these for the rest of the night and fell asleep under the tree.


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Exquisite taste in linens – thanks for sharing the site.

Probably the most boring toy commercial ever made:

Comment by Blue Velvet

Double bergamot? Dude. Awesome.

Comment by bu-bu

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