Our Happie Christmas
Friday 29 December 2006, 23:23 pm
Filed under: The Department of Festivitas

On Merry Toastmas:

bu-bu: Double bergamot? Dude. Awesome.

We enjoy a good Earl Grey — heavy on the bergamot and light on the sugar.


Blue Velvet : Exquisite taste in linens – thanks for sharing the site.
Probably the most boring toy commercial ever made:

Toaster likes the new linens, too. He likes the canopy, it makes him feel like he’s camping out.
Bwana won’t let him make S’mores in bed, though. He says it’s a fire hazard.

Toaster’s Silly Putty is getting rather crunchy with all the toast crumbs that are getting stuck in it. Very hard to remove crumbs from Silly Putty.


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Depending on when you read this, what is everyone doing – or what did everyone do – for the New Year?

Not much here – just hanging out with some Cal Arts students who live in my apartment complex and watching these jokers:

Happy New Year’s, all.

Comment by Blue Velvet

s’mores in a canopy bed on fancy linens…no, not too decadent for our little toaster. best wishes to all for a joyful new year!

Comment by rrgirl

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