Toaster Lang Syne
Sunday 31 December 2006, 19:29 pm
Filed under: The Department of Festivitas

Blue Velvet writes:

Depending on when you read this, what is everyone doing – or what did everyone do – for the New Year?

Not much here – just hanging out with some Cal Arts students who live in my apartment complex and watching these jokers:

Happy New Year’s, all.

toaster-fireworks-flowers.jpgCandelabra would like to use his matches to light fireworks, but we’ve found that fireworks terrify Toaster. So Bwana just got some Fireworks Flowers and stuck them in Toaster’s head. It gives the house a festive feeling without scaring the dickens out of the little guy.

If we can stay up late enough we will toast the New Year with Dr Brown’s Cream Soda at midnight.

For now, we settle in front of the tv with seltzer and a big plate of S’mores and watch the Packers versus the Bears.

Go Pack!


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