Bowl Season
Thursday 4 January 2007, 07:03 am
Filed under: Our Happie Home

Which is kind of like Wabbit Season.

Blue Velvet writes: Toaster, Mattress, Candlestick: Did you watch the Rose Parade?

Well, I wanted to watch the Rose Parade, but Toaster was all decked out in his Nebraska Cornhusker Cornhead hat, plus he and Candelabra had control of the remote. So I had to watch Nebraska-Auburn in the Cotton Bowl. A so-so game, but we watched the Fiesta Bowl later that night. Very exciting! We were beside ourselves after Boise State ran the hook-and-ladder. We didn’t think it could get any better — until they ran the modified Statue of Liberty play to win the game. Toaster and Mr. Potato Head celebrated the Boise State victory into the wee hours, hurling flaming Tater Tots off the balcony until the police came.


Thank you for all the movie links. We had no idea Bwana was such a big film star. I think we’ll have a Bwana Film Festival sometime soon.

Regarding the rose site, we’re glad that the McCartney Rose celebrates Sir Paul and not his marriage to what’s-her-name who is trying to take him to the cleaners.

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