Toaster Delinquency
Friday 5 January 2007, 09:56 am
Filed under: MLB.TV, Obscure Cultural References, Our Happie Home

Sheila counsels:

Well, I hope you gave Toaster and Mr. Potato head a lecture on the evils of tossing ‘Flaming Tater Tots’ out of windows.

If they were doing that after the ‘Fiesta Bowl’, I’d hate to see the trouble they would get into after the ‘National Championship’ game on Monday.

If Ohio State and Florida’s game is just as exciting.

Uh ….


Actually, since we favor Ohio State to win Toaster got online and ordered a bushel of buckeyes and plans to fling Flaming Buckeyes off the balcony using the trebuchet. These should land farther from our building, so maybe we won’t get caught for littering.

Ohio State probably won’t need to resort to a gadget play, but Toaster is hoping that they will run the old Fumblerooski, one of his favorites from the Tom Osborne era at Nebraska.


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maybe Toaster could be distracted with some tasty treats less likely catch fire (though I hear alligator bites are best with hot sauce)

Comment by rrgirl

maybe grammie needs to come over to babysit

Comment by rc

I’m glad to here you are rooting for the Buckeyes.

Florida has a great team and Urban Meyer’s has done a great job in such a short time, so I think we are for a good game.

But I have to say…GO BUCKS!!!

Comment by Sheila

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