Toaster, have you rehabilitated yourself?
Friday 5 January 2007, 07:19 am
Filed under: MLB.TV, Obscure Cultural References, Our Happie Home

CP comments on Crouching Mattress, Hidden Toaster:

This site is so totally bent. (I mean that in a nice way.)

Taken in a nice way.

So you’ll understand when I tell you that Officer Obie came by and issued us a citation for littering because of all the burnt Tater Tots found on the sidewalk under our balcony. We have to wait for Bwana to come home so he can pay the ticket, or else they’re going to haul us off to Riker’s Island. Where we’ll likely get put into Group W.

I told Toaster that he has to behave. Bwana is busy Saving the Democracy (one mock at a time), and it won’t look good if members of his household are sent to prison.


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“Crouching Mattress, Hidden Toaster”: is the sequel “Curse of the Golden Toaster”? :

I didn’t see the recipe for Flaming Tater Tots here:

Comment by Blue Velvet

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