Today’s fortune: “A little madness, a little kindness, makes for happiness.”
Sunday 7 January 2007, 13:56 pm
Filed under: Electric Shadows, Our Happie Home, Things To Do with Your Toaster

Blue Velvet writes: “Crouching Mattress, Hidden Toaster”: is the sequel “Curse of the Golden Toaster”?

Yes. And after our movie every customer gets a free fortune cookie.

(Golden Bowl fortune cookies are our favorite!)

Blue Velvet also adds: I didn’t see the recipe for Flaming Tater Tots here:

Toaster likes the Fun Shape Ore-Ida’s, but Grammie said she won’t bring him any more Waffle Fries if he keeps setting them on fire and flinging them off the balcony like Frisbees.

rc suggests: maybe grammie needs to come over to babysit

Grammie’s not big on football (baseball is her game), but she and Grandpa might come over tomorrow to make sure no flaming objects are hurled off the balcony before, during, or after the Ohio State-Florida game.


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