Ensuring Good Toaster Karma

rrgirl, trying to save Toaster from a possible stint in reform school:

maybe Toaster could be distracted with some tasty treats less likely catch fire (though I hear alligator bites are best with hot sauce)
Ohio stores now selling gator meat
Buckeye Blitz
Buckeye Candy

Those sound delicious! (Except for the alligator meat.)

Grammie says we’re going to make homemade marshmallows to keep Toaster occupied. After those are done then we’ll make S’mores. Between these activities and The Big Game (are there enough hyperlinks in that story?) we hope to keep Toaster out of trouble.

Wish us luck.


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the marshmallows sound like fun. my neighborhood coffee shop sometimes has pretty pink homemade marshmallows with raspberry flavor. they’re yummy with a large dark eye-opener.
we won’t be grilling any alligator – not my style but I try not to judge the gustatory choices of others. we usually sample the excellent cheese, produce and brownies at WP Market, and their egg salad is to die for on brioche.

Comment by rrgirl

Toaster might like to sample some Original Killer Brownie Babies from WP Market!

Comment by paulab

homemade marshmallows? awesome!!!!!!

Comment by rc

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