Geraldo’s Toaster
Wednesday 10 January 2007, 07:10 am
Filed under: Things That Scare Toaster


Mr. Rivera has been saying nasty things about Bwana, but Bwana can take care of himself. It’s Geraldo’s toaster. He’s been sending threatening messages to Toaster:

“I will kick your butt!”

“I will make pizza out of you!”

“You’re a midget!”

Well, Toaster is a little small for his age ….

We keep telling Toaster that he has nothing to worry about, but he’s gone back under the bed and fortified his safe place with a wall of marshmallows:



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Comment by rc

Just let Toaster and Mr. Potato Head salvo a few ‘Flaming Tater Tots’ in Geraldo’s Toaster direction, and he will go running like the coward he is.

Confront a bully and the run.

Comment by Sheila

What’s even funnier is that Mr. Loofah has been employing a “body language expert” whose purpose is to determine how liberal NBC & MSNBC anchors are. This is an old article, but Joe Scarborough highlighted it last night (1/9/07) on his show:

Comment by Blue Velvet

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