Le Style c’est Le Toaster
Thursday 11 January 2007, 21:33 pm
Filed under: Fashion and Style, Things That Toaster Likes, Tofu

Anonymous writes regarding My Bad:

There is nothing wrong with men wearing leggings! Metrosexuals, feminine men and open-minded masculine men exist in today’s world. I personally it’s not a big deal.

Leggings are a unisex garment! a well kept man should wear them if he chooses.

You may be right.

What the heck do I know? I am but a humble mattress.

Point of information: Bwana is not metrosexual.

He’s Bwanasexual.

For certain Toaster loves tights. He’s particularly fond of his New York Mets tights and his pinstripey New York Yankee tights:

toaster-tights-nym.jpg           toaster-tights-nyy.jpg

We wanted to get Yankee tights for Bwana this past Christmas, but we couldn’t find the right size. So we got Bwana a Furminator tool instead, to help him keep his hirsute wrists in line.

Le Style c’est L’Homme.


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With Bwana’s birthday coming soon what has the household got planned? I hope it’s something really fun…He’s still “my” hero…does Katy have any great ideas?

Comment by Thelma

Something to make toaster smile today:

Here’s an early birthday bouquet for Bwana:

Not a bad crowd to be associated with.

Comment by Blue Velvet

Another birthday idea for Bwana, though choosing one would be tortorous:

I know Johnny Depp has one of the Hemingways, but I imagine Bwana would like either the Jules Verne or Edgar Allan Poe (I’m favoring the latter.)

Comment by Blue Velvet

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