Happy Endings
Tuesday 16 January 2007, 08:05 am
Filed under: Our Happie Home

Blue Velvet on Le Style c’est Le Toaster:

Something to make toaster smile today: Once upon a time

Toaster loves happy endings!

“A toaster that only makes toast will soon be obsolete.” Toaster feels there is something to be said for finding one’s True Calling in life.

Here’s an early birthday bouquet for Bwana: The 10 Greatest American Speakers and Their Speeches of 2006

Not a bad crowd to be associated with.

Bwana is always Numero Uno with us!

Another birthday idea for Bwana, though choosing one would be tortorous: Mont Blanc – Writers Edition

I know Johnny Depp has one of the Hemingways, but I imagine Bwana would like either the Jules Verne or Edgar Allan Poe (I’m favoring the latter.)

Nevermore? Well, yeah — after two lousy field goals against the Colts!

What spiffy pens! I wonder which would be best for keeping score in the Official New York Yankee Scorebook?

Did Marcel Proust play shortstop, or was he a second baseman?


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