A Toaster, a Hoodie Bear, a Plan: Script Bwana
Sunday 28 January 2007, 13:37 pm
Filed under: Our Happie Home, Script Tofu

tofu-racks.jpg It was an exhausting week, but Toaster and Hoodie Bear got the job done. Toaster has been known to lose focus and let his mind wander, but Hoodie Bear is very intense. Don’t let the cute brown fuzziness fool you — he is driven.

They spent all week making tofu. So as to not tip off Bwana on what was going on, they put all the tofu on racks in one of the spare closets. Early yesterday morning they called reveille and got all the Tofu Guys to march out to Central Park:

They walked over to Wollman Rink and slid out onto the ice to honor Bwana on his day:

(Who knew tofu could skate so well? They must have strong ankles.)

Bwana was very moved by the gesture, and Bwanette was so happy that she cried.

Everyone is now resting. Hoodie Bear would like to march the Tofu Guys to Miami for the Super Bowl where they could do Script Belichick. But they got real tired just walking over to Central Park, plus they’d probably dry out if they had to walk all the way to Florida. And Florida presents certain dangers: do alligators like tofu? I think everyone is just going to hang here and come up with something for Chinese New Year next month.


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Hoodie Bear sounds suspiciously like his namesake. I hope he didn’t shove the photographer when they were at Central Park.

Comment by CP

if they did march down for the super bowl then they would all be in florida and ready for spring training

Comment by rc

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