Bend it like Beancurd
Tuesday 6 February 2007, 23:59 pm
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On T minus 5 hours and counting …:

rc queries: did the guys enjoy the game? what’s their next big event?

The Tofu Guys enjoyed the Super Bowl, but it’s hard for them to do the punt, pass, kick thing themselves because they don’t have arms. Hoodie got them organized into a game of soccer, which they liked a whole lot but it bored Bwana to tears. He kept telling them “That’s not our national past-time” but they just ignored him.



Blue Velvet speculates: Valentine’s Day…or Spring Training?

V Day! Bwana has been sweating over what to get Bwanette. He’s been thinking roses and diamonds, but she wants something more meaningful:

A Babe Ruth autographed baseball.

Love comes and goes. A baseball collectible is forever.


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So are some film collectibles:

Unfortunatly, the same rule applies to film as in baseball, “More valuable dead than alive” for movie posters (and, believe it or not, animation cels).

Sadly, memorabilia concerning one of Bwana’s favorite films, Network, isn’t very valuable, so anything you get is affordable.

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