9 Days until Pitchers and Catchers Report
Wednesday 7 February 2007, 20:25 pm
Filed under: Things That Toaster Likes

Sheila cheers in T minus 5 hours and counting …:

The Colts Won! I’m really a big Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals fan, but I like Payton Manning so it was nice to see him finally ‘Win The Big Game’ and get the critics off his back. /em>

Oh, you just like the Colts for the way they beat your division rival Ravens in the playoffs!

(And how can you not like a team with a Poe-inspired nickname?)

Hoodie was devastated when Indianapolis beat his beloved New England, but he was pleased when they won the Super Bowl. We all like Peyton’s tv commercials. Toaster’s waiting for him to endorse kitchen appliances; we would love to hear him chant “TOAST THAT BREAD! TOAST THAT BREAD!”

The Browns have a few good players. They could use a top-drawer QB. The Bengals just have to keep their guys out of jail.


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Who knows? Maybe the Browns will do what the Cavaliers did with Lebron James and pick Troy Smith, a ‘Hometown’ boy, to be their Quarterback.

Remember how Huston blew it last year by not taking Vince Young.

Comment by Sheila

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