Memento Piggo
Thursday 8 February 2007, 20:43 pm
Filed under: The Department of Oink, Things That Toaster Likes

Blue Velvet on “A baseball collectible is forever.”:

So are some film collectibles: Collecting Film Posters.

Unfortunatly, the same rule applies to film as in baseball, “More valuable dead than alive” for movie posters (and, believe it or not, animation cels).

Sadly, memorabilia concerning one of Bwana’s favorite films, Network, isn’t very valuable, so anything you get is affordable.

Our motto: “Buy low, sell high.”

Toaster’s favorite movie is the Piggie Movie, but Bwana won’t let him get a pig. Bwana says “Pigs aren’t collectible.” Toaster says pigs are cuter than baseball cards.

I think he’s got Bwana there ….



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