Monday 19 February 2007, 21:22 pm
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origami-pig.jpgNeat-o! Thanks, Blue Velvet!

We love the origami piggies! They make swell companions for the Tofu Guys. (Who like origami piggies a whole lot more than they like origami boulders.)

Toaster felt bad that the Tofu Guys had to hide under the bed for Chinese New Year. So he gave them disguises so they could come out and enjoy the festivities without compromising our household good fortune. He didn’t think anyone would recognize them dressed like this:


They were very happy to come out from under the bed. They had a grand time shooting fireworks to ward off evil spirits like pestilence, death, famine, Bill O’Reilly, and Ann Coulter.

Our family luck is already going great guns for the New Year. Bwana got a new contract at work, and his favorite Yankee player has promised to not lie anymore.

If that’s not a load of good karma, I don’t know what is.


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groucho is chinese?

more evil spirits: michelle malkin, katie couric, and dick cheney.

Comment by rc

The Tofu Guys’ great disguise (minus the specs) looks like one of the robots in the Star Wars: A New Hope. Check out the segment when C-3PO and R2D2 (distant relatives of Toaster I’m sure, in both time and space) are captured by the Jawas and are herded itno the bowels of the Sandcrawler.

Comment by Blue Velvet

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