Not that long ago in a galaxy not too far away …
Thursday 22 February 2007, 07:23 am
Filed under: Electric Shadows, Things That Scare Toaster

Blue Velvet points out in Oinkiegami:

The Tofu Guys’ great disguise (minus the specs) looks like one of the robots in the Star Wars: A New Hope. Check out the segment when C-3PO and R2D2 (distant relatives of Toaster I’m sure, in both time and space) are captured by the Jawas and are herded itno the bowels of the Sandcrawler.

We can’t find a picture of that scene, but will keep scouring the Internets.

We did, however, find something shocking:

Bill Belichick is a Jawa!

scary-looking-guy-in-hood.jpg     jawa.jpg


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Jawa…or Ob-Wan?

A friend for the Oragami Pig:

Click on the html link for a diagram.

Comment by Blue Velvet

Mattress –

Cleveland and the entire state of Ohio salute you!

Comment by Anonymous

I’d say that Bill looks more like a Jawa than Obi Wan in the above pics.

Comment by Mark

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