You can loyn a lot from Lydia!
Thursday 22 February 2007, 19:48 pm
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rrgirl replies to 狂 瀉:

OMG! he was nearly 80! we should hope to follow in his footsteps. it’s fun to watch him warm up to the song as it goes along.

now I have a Lydia earworm…and a smile.

We all like it, too. Showmanship knows no age.

Toaster and Hoodie have been waltzing around the house all day singing the song at the top of their lungs. It was driving Bwana crazy; luckily he had to leave for work.

Toaster wants to get a tattoo now. Bwana said he could have one. But only one, lest he go all Rod Steiger and turn into The Illustrated Toaster.

Or Dennis Rodman.



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I remember Kermit singing “Lydia” on “The Muppet Show” – if I’m not mistaken, it was to a “tattooed” Miss Piggy (then in her genesis). Fits in well with this being the Year of the Golden Pig.

Comment by Blue Velvet

not too long ago, I saw a woman working in a store with the most amazing tattooes. she was rubinesque, to say the least, and dressed in a low-cut top that allowed more than a peek of cleavage. visible just above the neckline was a pair of eyes that roughly aligned with her nipples. huh. what in the world did that look like naked? what other ink was hidden? what a conversation starter…no, I didn’t ask. another mystery.

Comment by rrgirl

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