Court Toaster
Friday 9 March 2007, 11:16 am
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Blue Velvet ponders

While sitting in traffic on the 5 Freeway last night, I realized something: how ironic is it that gluten-intolerant Bwana has a Toaster?

Made me chuckle.

Kind of surreal, eh?

But one of Toaster’s main responsibilities is to make sure no glutenated bread reaches Bwana lips. He keeps a list of gluten-free products that are OK for Bwana to eat.

Toaster’s Anti-Gluten Mantra is

The wrong kind of bread could make Bwana dead,
I must choose the slice that is all safe and nice.

The incessant chanting drives Candelabra crazy, but it’s good to know that Toaster takes his job so seriously.

(And don’t go and get him started on the vessel with the pestle and the flagon with the dragon. This is what we get for letting him watch all those old Danny Kaye movies.)

Toaster doesn’t want anything bad to happen to Bwana.

Toaster loves Bwana.



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And they say a Dog is a mans best friend, give me a Toaster any day of the week.

A House with a Toaster is a Home, a House without a Toaster is nothing.

Comment by Sheila

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