Banzai Belichick
Tuesday 20 March 2007, 16:04 pm
Filed under: MLB.TV, Obscure Cultural References, Our Happie Home, Things That Toaster Likes

Blue Velvet queries:

Basubaru Banzai – any relation to Buckaroo Banzai?

Not really.

But Hoodie Bear thinks Hoodie Bill has been having a buckaroo banzai off-season.

The Patriots have signed a flock of solid free agents, while the rival Indianapolis Colts have lost four key players from their Super Bowl squad. I guess they figure that one Super Bowl ring is enough.

But Hoodie Bear says Super Bowl rings are like potato chips:

One is never enough.


Hoodie can’t wait for the NFL draft on 28-29 April. But the Mets and Yankees have games on those days, with the Yanks playing the dreaded Red Sox. Toaster can’t miss those games! Plus he’s not real interested in watching ESPN’s draft coverage with Leather Berman and Mel Kiper Draft Expert (whose hair isn’t nearly as good as Bwana’s). I predict there will be a big fight over the tv that weekend.


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