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Sunday 25 March 2007, 11:22 am
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Sheila suggests a new hobby:

Toaster and Hoodie Bear could become Broadway Producers and do a Tofu version of the great Gilbert and Sullivan Operetta ‘The Mikado’.

Oh, boy! That could be great fun!

But between baseball and football seasons where will they find time to give their regards to Broadway?

(Click on the video player image — but not on the “Play” arrows! — to access this video directly from YouTube.)

Three little Tofu Guys from BwanaLand are we,
Pert as soybeans well can be,
Filled to the brim with proteinaceous glee
Three little Tofu Guys from BwanaLand!


(With apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan.)

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The Tofu guys make cute Geisha Girls.

They all look Yum-Yum.(Loud groans heard from the audience.)

Comment by Sheila

The Tofu Guys doing Gilbert and Sullivan is like The Beatles doing Shakespeare…

Comment by Blue Velvet

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