Toaster and Hoodie: NobleNominators
Toaster also thinks that Mr. Banks should get the Nobel Prize for this song. Where do we send in a nomination?

Blue Velvet comes to the rescue:

Nobel Prize Claim Form

Toaster and Hoodie grabbed a box of crayons and will get right down to business and fill out the application.

They think Chemistry will be the right category:

The right to submit proposals for the award of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, based on the principle of competence and universality, shall by statute be enjoyed by:

1. Swedish and foreign members of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences; …

We don’t know anyone in the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, but Toaster knows some French toast who, in turn, know a bunch of Swedish meatballs. This should help with the application process ….


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Strangely, I have this urge to go to IKEA….

Comment by Blue Velvet

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