There’s a place called Omaha, Nebraska …
Friday 30 March 2007, 11:08 am
Filed under: MLB.TV, Obscure Cultural References, Things To Do with Your Toaster

rc, on Fire all of your guns at once and explode into space:

head out on the highway? bwana can’t drive so he can’t take them. maybe grammie?

Grammie would take them, but there’s no way she’s leaving New York during baseball season. Maybe they’ll Go Greyhound.

Omaha has a lot of fun things to do. Maybe Toaster and Hoodie will camp out there for a while and take in the 2007 College World Series.


Toaster would really like to see Warren Buffett’s piggy bank. For a guy who only makes $100,000 a year he sure got pretty darn rich. This goes to show how important it is to make wise investments. We wonder if Mr. Buffett collects baseball cards like Bwana.

Groucho likes Omaha.


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Maybe the Tofu guys could go to Atlanta to do their ‘Script Ohio’ Monday night?

The Buckeyes are playing Florida in the ‘Championship Game’ that night, and they could use all the luck they can get against the Gators.

Comment by Sheila

There’s no joy in Westwood
The Mighty Bruins have fouled out

Comment by Blue Velvet

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