The Tallest Damn Freshman in the Land
Monday 2 April 2007, 09:36 am
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Sheila, on There’s a place called Omaha, Nebraska …:

Maybe the Tofu guys could go to Atlanta to do their ‘Script Ohio’ Monday night?
The Buckeyes are playing Florida in the ‘Championship Game’ that night, and they could use all the luck they can get against the Gators.

Their little legs can’t carry them that far for the game tonight, but in honor of Ohio State and all of Buckeye Nation they did this:


Please note they specifically marched out onto a parquet floor for Script Oden, an Obscure Cultural Reference to the famous parquet at the old Boston Garden. Mr. Oden is likely to be drafted by the Celtics if he declares for the NBA Draft this year, which is a swell reason to stay in school. He’s taking biology now, so would probably take chemistry as a sophomore. We’re certain that he would be a responsible student and not put off “Introduction to Chemistry” until his senior year, like Bwana did.



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I hope the ‘Script Oden’ inspires the Buckeyes and I do so wish Mr. Oden would stay in school, win or lose tonight.

Comment by Sheila

The ‘Tofu Magic’ didn’t work, the Buckeyes were ‘Chomped’ by the Gators.

And Steven Colbert thinks Bears are nasty.

Comment by Sheila

if mr. oden goes pro he will need a nice big piggy bank. not as big as warren buffett’s but a good sized one

Comment by rc

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