The Best Damn Tofu Guys in the Land
Wednesday 4 April 2007, 11:31 am
Filed under: Wait 'Til Next Year!

Sheila, on The Tallest Damn Freshman in the Land:

I hope the ‘Script Oden’ inspires the Buckeyes and I do so wish Mr. Oden would stay in school, win or lose tonight.

With a postscript:

The ‘Tofu Magic’ didn’t work, the Buckeyes were ‘Chomped’ by the Gators.

And Steven Colbert thinks Bears are nasty.

Toaster is very sorry that the Buckeyes didn’t win The Big Game on Monday. If Mr. Oden stays at Ohio State the Tofu Guys promise to go out to Columbus to help him further develop his game. They have a lot of length (when stacked) and also have tremendous upside:

Getty Images - #73556204, Joe Robbins

Throw it down, Big Tofu Guys! Throw it down!

What does Stephen Colbert have against Hoodie?


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I think Stephen Colbert prefers eagles:

Comment by Blue Velvet

How anyone could not like Hoodie is beyond me.

For some reason Clobert hates Bears, I heard him say the other day on his show, when he was talking about the poor little Polar Bear Cub in Germany who’s Mother rejected him, that if you don’t watch out they will eat you.

I don’t think his parents let him have a Teddy Bear when he was young and when he asked why he couldn’t have one, maybe they told him the Bear would eat him.

Comment by Sheila

what Sheila said explains a lot. poor Stephen. maybe that happened to other people, too…poor Billo.

Comment by rrgirl

Happy Easter to the Champs des Reves clan!

Comment by Blue Velvet

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