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Sunday 8 April 2007, 10:54 am
Filed under: MLB.TV, Obscure Cultural References, Our Happie Home, Things That Toaster Likes

Sheila writes

Happy Easter and Passover to all of you. Is Toaster and Hodie going on an ‘Easter Toast’ hunt?

tofu-guys-easter.jpgThe Tofu Guys got up early this morning to hide Easter Toast and Passover Matzoh all over the house. Toaster and Hoodie are on The Great Hunt right now. They’re not doing too well, but at least if they don’t find every single piece it’s not as bad as missing an Easter egg and having it stink up the house after a couple of weeks.

They’re going to end the hunt in a couple of hours when the Peeps come over to watch the Yankees and Mets games.



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mmmm…peeps. I often have a box sitting on my monitor. all colors, forms and seasonal themes are welcome, but like men, I like them mature. I’ll have no peep before its time.

Comment by rrgirl

The many uses of Peeps:

Comment by Blue Velvet

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