Are We Ready For Some Football?
Wednesday 18 April 2007, 16:56 pm
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toaster-football-night-in-america.jpgYou betcha!

We are very excited about Bwana’s new gig on Football Night in America. It’s true he doesn’t know football as well as he knows baseball, but we think he’ll do a good job.

Toaster and Hoodie have taken it upon themselves to make sure Bwana is prepared for his new job. This is what they have planned so far:

  • Hide all Bwana’s baseball books and make sure he has nothing but football books around the house.
  • Get every New England Patriot playbook so Hoodie can tutor him on football strategy.
  • Buy Bwana an Official Bill Belichick Hoodie so that he’ll look like a genius even though he already is pretty darn smart.

TheTofu Guys are hoping Bwana can get them on one of the Sunday night game halftime shows. They could do Script Packers or Script Patriots or any of the NFL team names. Their preference, of course, is to do Script Ohio. They’ll even let Uncle Dan dot the “i.”

It might be hard to compete with these guys, though. Man, they sure start ’em young in Buckeye Nation ….


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We start training them young here in Ohio.


Comment by Sheila

there can be a fine line between cute and creepy. I sure hope the kids got some yummy treats and an hour or two to run around on the grass without a four-count in the back ground or a camera in the sky.

Comment by rrgirl

Re: the Hoodie

Charcoal would be a good color for Bwana.

Comment by Blue Velvet

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