Legal Notice
Thursday 19 April 2007, 20:15 pm
Filed under: The Department of Law and Order start training them young here in Ohio.


rrgirl: there can be a fine line between cute and creepy. I sure hope the kids got some yummy treats and an hour or two to run around on the grass without a four-count in the back ground or a camera in the sky.

To the best of our knowledge no wee Ohioans were injured in the filming of St. Thomas the Apostle Students do Script Ohio. All subjects were fully informed of their rights as well as any potential hazards, and consent forms were signed by all participants.

Be afraid, Michigan. Be very afraid ….


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This maybe Michigan’s year to Beat the Buckeyes.

First…Troy Smith, 17 Seniors, and 3 Juniors are headed to the NFL and those are a lot of spots to fill. And Second the ‘Big Game’ will be played in ‘That State Up North’ this year.

But one should never discount Coach Jim ‘The Sweater Vest’ Tressel.

Comment by Sheila

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