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Saturday 28 April 2007, 11:57 am
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bu-bu queries:

Will Toaster like his new countertops? Will black show off his chrome?

Keith Olbermann’s $4.2M Apartment

Moving is stressful, regardless of how many balconies candelabra will have.

Black countertops won’t show Toaster’s dirty little footprints. Bwana is always after him to wipe his feet off before he goes back up on the counter, but does he listen?

Personally, I’m partial to the west side, but we go where Bwana goes. We vow to not let him get all Donald Trump-ish.

Bwana has promised that Toaster will get his own bedroom where he can keep all his little friends. They’ll get their own bathroom, too, which will be good because Bwana is tired of having to share the master bathroom with the Tofu Guys. (If you don’t keep them moist they dry out and get very cranky.) Toaster is also looking forward to having three balconies from which to launch Flaming Tater Tots. We hope the nice police people on the east side are as understanding as the ones in our old neighborhood.

toaster-moving-day-trauma.jpgWe have to plan this move better than the last one. The last time Bwana was supposed to carry Toaster over to the new place, but he got busy and the movers put Toaster in a box and sealed it up. He cried all the way over in the moving van, which kind of freaked out the driver.

This time Grammie will come over and take Toaster to the new place in a limo.


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nothing says “model suite” like beige, beige, beige with a maroon ginger-jar lamp in the foreground. really, we have no idea what the place looks like and that’s just great for them. Bwana (and Bwanette?) will have lots of fun picking out a new stuff for the new Chez Bwana. I’m so happy for them I could fly. well, maybe I’ll just take a long walk with my iPod playing Bwana and Uncle DP from the Big Show.

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