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Tuesday 1 May 2007, 22:16 pm
Filed under: Our Happie Home

rrgirl, on Our Happie New Home:

nothing says “model suite” like beige, beige, beige with a maroon ginger-jar lamp in the foreground. really, we have no idea what the place looks like and that’s just great for them. Bwana (and Bwanette?) will have lots of fun picking out a new stuff for the new Chez Bwana. I’m so happy for them I could fly. well, maybe I’ll just take a long walk with my iPod playing Bwana and Uncle DP from the Big Show.

The Big Show hasn’t been very big lately. Bwana’s been busy working the political circuit, covering the presidential candidates’ debates. Gee whiz, the election is over a year away! Baseball season is now. Besides, as David Broder said: “Anybody who wants the presidency so much that he’ll spend two years organizing and campaigning for it is not to be trusted with the office.”

toaster-painter.jpgToaster is very excited about getting his own bedroom. He planned to paint it a special color:


But then he thought “Puppy Paws” sounded cute and “Clam Chowder” made him hungry and so he went to go get a snack.

(Toasters have a notoriously short attention span.)


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naming paint has to be the silliest job in the world. how many colors can you name in a day? what do you do the next day? name more colors. wheeee! I wonder if it’s anything like naming throrough bred horses.

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