A Gullible Toaster
Saturday 19 May 2007, 16:15 pm
Filed under: The Department of Sadness and Despair

toaster-distress.jpgToaster took all the money that he found in the Prometheus Fountain down to the OTB office to place a bet on Street Sense in the Preakness. But instead of going straight to the OTB and back like I told him, he stopped to watch a three card monte game, got drawn in, and lost all of his money.

I knew I should have told Hoodie or Candelabra to go with him!

Small appliances are known for being gullible, but Toaster is more so than most.


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Hoodie knows how to even the score. I’d rather have him for a friend than an enemy.

Comment by rrgirl

Bwana and three card monte:

“Here we go again! From springs spent trying to link Saddam Hussein to 9/11, to summers of cynically manipulated intelligence, through autumns of false patriotism, to winters of war, we have had more than four years of every cheap trick and every degree of calculated cynicism from this administration, filled with Three-Card Monte players.”

No wonder Toaster chose that particular game!

Comment by Blue Velvet

Is Toaster’s real name Randy?

Comment by Blue Velvet

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