We’re in the Money
Monday 28 May 2007, 19:55 pm
Filed under: Our Happie Home

bed-moon-sheep.jpgSheila writes in Little Criminal:

Look at the bright side…With all the cash Hoodie brought home, you guys can have one heck of a ‘Memorial Day’ Barbecue.

Toaster’s thrilled with all the money Hoodie has, even though he doesn’t quite understand where it all came from.

They want to use it to buy a ticket so they can sleep in the Lincoln bedroom, but Bwana told them that’s not the way it works. He told them that to get to the Lincoln bedroom they have to make a very, very, very big donation to a politician. Toaster thinks that might be seen as a conflict of interest vis-à-vis Bwana’s work on Countdown. They don’t want to get Bwana into trouble.

So for now they’re going to hang on to the dough, buy an occasional Lotto ticket, and maybe save the rest for tickets to post-season Mets games.

The way the Yankees are going, those guys will be on vacation in October.


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I haven’t been on line for the past few days becuase I was busy being a geek here:

Seems to me the Yankees could use a little Yoda and the Force right now…

Comment by Blue Velvet

Tell Toaster and Hoodie they aren’t missing a thing by not spending the night in the ‘Lincoln Bedroom’.

Lincoln’s Ghost took off after he got frighted by Dick Cheney.

Comment by Sheila

they don’t want to get bwana in trouble? after hoodie robs 3-card monte games? afer throwing flaming tater tots off the balcony onto innocent bystanders?

Comment by rc

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