Fiddling with Toaster
Friday 1 June 2007, 13:06 pm
Filed under: Our Happie Home

toaster-violin.jpgBwana is concerned with Toaster’s gambling exploits. We wonder if Gambler’s Anonymous has a program for small appliances. Bwana thinks Toaster needs to find a productive hobby to keep himself occupied. Toaster’s pretty musical, so they’re thinking of violin camp this summer. If Toaster got good at it he could play his violin in the subway and make some money instead of by gambling or diving for loose change in the Prometheus Fountain.


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I took violin for 5 years and I loved it. I strongly encourage Toaster to do it.

Here is some hopeful incentive:

Comment by Blue Velvet

ah now I wanna go to camp. I have a month of vacation time saved up that I can’t take all at once and Toaster has me thinking about it. damn. I’d go to Chautauqua. I’ve been to Chautauqua. you park the car on one side of the road, walk through the gate on the other side of the road, and step into a place like no other. take Toaster, Candelabra, Bwanna, Bwannette, Grammie and everyone else who wants to recalibrate their brains with their lifestyle. just go. stay in the Athenaeum, or one of the cozy little boarding houses. (I’m keeping my favorite place a secret).
get up every morning for the lecture, go to the concert every night, and take a class or two, a nap and a walk in between. oh, and go on at least one bat-walk and have ice cream every night. bring comfortable shoes, sunscreen and reading glasses. and bring your own wine if you want any. go find out why.
damn. I have family business this summer that makes a trip to western NY impossible, but the memories of time I’ve spent there gets me through the darkest days and nights for the chance to go again.

Comment by rrgirl

I thought for sure Toaster would want to learn to play the Sousaphone so he could one day have the privilege of dotting to ‘I’ in ‘Script Ohio’.

Comment by Sheila

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